$13,200: #Bitcoin Price Defies All Expectations… Again

$13,200: #Bitcoin Price Defies All Expectations… Again


The Bitcoin price is continuing on its unparalleled trajectory higher as Wednesday’s new all-time highs reach $13,200.
According to average exchange data from Coinmarketcap, Bitcoin was trading just under $13,000 at press time, having corrected after breaking the barrier for the first time.

A new record has become an almost daily occurrence for Bitcoin over the past week, with prices exploding 50 percent from $9,000 just days ago.

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Cointelegraph reported yesterday as prices passed $12,000 that the imminent onset of regulated futures trading was a major driving factor for incoming investment.

As prices continue to grow, however, many are now beginning to ask when the historic bull run will slow - or reverse.
Tweeting his forecast Tuesday, Max Keiser, the commentator famous for his Bitcoin and Dash advocacy, said he imagined $15,000 would the limit at which markets would take stock. 

Fellow major proponent John McAfee conversely left the future open-ended, saying that in any case, $14,000 will appear “by the end of January.”

McAfee has a vested interest in ensuring astronomic growth in Bitcoin continues as fast as possible, havingdoubled down  on his pledge to eat his own penis on live TV if prices did not reach $1 mln by 2020

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